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August 29, 2007


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hey cyn - you got it.


Um, can you hook me up too perhaps?


The label that issued the comp, Beer City, has deleted the record from its catalogue. Check for the title - its a good place to find out of print vinyl. No luck there, I will hook u up.

Ari P.

Any idea where us east-coasters can find a copy of this?

-ari p.


Oh, that is so funny. Never been an Infected 'Shroom fan, but the idea of a collab with Matisyahu sounds perfect.


A hilarious moment for me - Looking up from my mixing board at an Infected Mushroom concert in Baltimore MD (funded by Virgin Moble/Records/Airlines) and finding Matisyahu standing next to me...bobbing his head to the beat. Israel in the hizzouse(?!?!?)

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