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December 05, 2007


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Jo Ellen

Though some think Jewish reaction to the word "holocaust" is overblown, you do a great job of pointing out here how Bush pushes all of Jews' buttons in this context.


Thanks for the kind words, Roi. Part of this will be coming out in my book next year.

In answer to your questions, it all depends on whether one took the 2005 report about Iran's program seriously. There were concerns about its legitimacy too.

Regarding Iraq's missile attacks during the war, of course Hussein had a plethora of motives for firing them.

Nevertheless, since the '56 war, whether the position be communist, nationalist or pan-Arabist in origin, Israel has always been considered a tool of western states by many in the region.

A strike against Israel is a blow against the Europeans, Americans etc. Clearly it's not a surprising position, but it remains an important one, obviously, to contemporary Islamist ideology.

Roi Ben-Yehuda

Good piece Joel. You should turn it into something more substanial and publish it. It is a perspective that has yet to be discussed.

Question: If the 2005 report stated that Iran’s leaders were working tirelessly to acquire a nuclear weapon, can you really take the president to task for taken them seriously?

Also, was not Iraq's repeated missile attacks on Israel during Operation Desert Storm a strategic effort to break up the international coalition (composed of some countires who could never side with Israel on an attack on Iraq) as opposed to an example of Israel being an extension of the US?

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