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December 16, 2007


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I still want a copy of that sign to put in my office at work. Yeehaw!


Hah. In the instance of this American sign, I think there's too much emphasis placed on the emancipatory potential of secularization. If this argument about religion is to stay true to its inspiration, religion is s symptom of alienated properly relations, not its source.

Roi Ben-Yehuda

Let me restate:

Here is a scenario and question for you: You wake tomorrow morning and to your astonishment your paper’s front page reads: “Religion Ceases to Exist in the Middle East”. Will this increase or decrees the chances for Peace between the Arabs and the Jews?

I think that I will turn this question into an article :)

Roi Ben-Yehuda

Hey Joel, you think that ending religion will do the trick? Tommrow you wake up, no religion in the middle east, will peace arrive?

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