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March 20, 2008


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I read about that Purim gaffe. McCain has always struck me as uneducated and provincial, despite the relatively strong Jewish constituency he represents in Arizona. He ought to know better.

Yes, Lieberman is allowing himself to be used as a lure for Jewish voters. That was predictable. You're also correct in pointing out how unique this is in terms of traditional Republican pandering to Evangelicals. It sets a new precedent that's worth exploring further.

In my opinion, anyone who supports McCain's candidacy will inevitably have to go to great lengths to paper over how problematic his foreign policy positions are. What's most significant is not that people do so but why given how transparent McCain's limitations are.


I had this awful thought today as I was reading about McCain calling Purim the Jewish Halloween (no, really, he did):

Did he bring Lieberman along with him and make those "gaffes" that Lieberman could rescue him from because he's going to go for the "bipartisanship" option and make Lieberman his VP candidate? That way, instead of getting busted for pandering to the evangelicals, he could placate them by choosing a conservative Jew and play the "hands across the aisle card". Even if it's not actually across the aisle.

Also, I found it interesting that Neo-Neocon discussed McCain's trip in terms of its utility in showcasing McCain's foreign policy expertise without mentioning the fact that in actuality it's been a gaffe-filled exhibition of McCain's appalling ignorance.

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